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Double Bed Maternity Packages (Normal Delivery)

Double Bed Maternity Packages (Normal Delivery)

Terms and Conditions.

Consultants Fees.
Additional consultants fees might be imposed during Public Holiday and after office hours.
This package is only applicable to patients under follow up by our Obstetrician for a minimum of 1 visit.

Laboratory Test & Take Home Drugs.
Laboratory test and take home drugs will be charged separately for this package.

Exclusion from Package.
Customer may be excluded from the package if falls under situations as follows:

-Your stay is more than 2 days 1 night (normal.
-You have additional request and complication, subject to diagnosis by your consultant for example epidural, vacuum, forceps or early hearing problem detection.

Epidural : RM 2,000.00
Vacuum : RM 1,000.00
Baby Placenta Set Container : RM 60.00
Other Pain Relief : From RM 50.00
(E.g.: Entonox, Pethidine Injection)

Additional charges will be imposed for medical / surgical items, twin/triplet babies, pre-mature delivery and VIPS Room.

Disclaimer: The management reserves the right to change the price and package offered without prior notice.